Transtype是非白工作室在2017年成立的字体实验项目。字体除了作为文本存在,还有没有其他的可能?Transtype项目就是在借用Carsten Nicolai《Grid Index》一书中的网格,探索网格和字体之间关系和可能性。


Transtype is a typeface experiment project founded by Transwhite Studio in 2017. Is there any possibility for typefaces to exist as anything more than text? The Transtype project explores the relationship and possibilities between grids and fonts, borrowing from the grid in Carsten Nicolai's book 'Grid Index'1 . Transtype's typefaces are based on grids, and the process of creating them is more like a crossword puzzle in which we find a new order in a regular grid. We move the typeface from two dimensions to three dimensions, enriching the physical properties of the typeface, changing the way of looking at it, extending its boundaries, and 'seeing' it differently. We are experimenting with various media and materials to carry the visual expression of different fonts. These fonts, 'translated' in a graphic language, present a unique diversity and systematization. The field created by the letters puts the reader in a playground of letters, exploring the fun of typeface in the type playground created by Transwhite Studio.

《Grid Index》正是Carsten Nicolai研究多年的关于二维网格和几何元素拼贴构成性的视觉词典。这本书不仅是艺术品,还可以作为设计师、视觉艺术家、建筑师、研究人员、数学家的参考书,任何对视觉世界基本结构感兴趣的读者都能从中受益。

The Grid Index is the visual dictionary of the compositional nature of two-dimensional grids and collages of geometric elements that Carsten Nicolai has been working on for many years. The book is not only a work of art but also can be used as a reference book for designers, visual artists, architects, researchers, mathematicians, and any reader interested in the basic structure of the visual world.

Transtype No.08
Theme: Transtype Playground
Time: 2020/05

Transtype No.07
Theme: Transtype A → Z
Time: 2019/05

Transtype No.06
Theme: Let's Fonts!
Time: 2019/04/19-04/21

Transtype No.05
Theme: International Creative Pattern Design Competition 2018
Time: 2018/11/29-12/12

Transtype No.04

Theme: Transtype meets Coffee Words
Time: 2018/09/14-09/16

Transtype No.03
Theme: International Design Forum Hangzhou (Series)
Time: 2018/07/23-07/24

Transtype No.02
Theme: TTT, Transtype T-shirt
Time: 2018/07

Transtype No.01
Theme: 2018 CALENDAR
Time: 2017