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Transtype —
Which is a studio project about the practice of the experimental typography.

Transtype No.08
Theme: Transtype Playground
Time: 2020/05

Transtype No.07
Theme: Transtype A → Z
Time: 2019/05

Transtype No.06
Theme: Let's Fonts!
Time: 2019/04/19-04/21

Transtype No.05
Theme: International Creative Pattern Design Competition 2018
Time: 2018/11/29-12/12

Transtype No.04

Theme: Transtype meets Coffee Words
Time: 2018/09/14-09/16

Transtype No.03
Theme: International Design Forum Hangzhou (Series)
Time: 2018/07/23-07/24

Transtype No.02
Theme: TTT, Transtype T-shirt
Time: 2018/07

Transtype No.01
Theme: 2018 CALENDAR
Time: 2017