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G Train, L Train exhibition poster

Art Director: Yu Qiongjie
Designer: Yu Qiongjie  /  Liu Xiaomei
Photographer: Chen Cong
Year: 2018

Artists’ statement:

We do take language and literature seriously, in other words, we love civilization, which language and literature could be its symbol, deeply in heart with utter innocence. So we let it be mashed, be teared, be crushed; we confuse noblest things with boring things; we force clarity goes into chaos… Then, in these trifling and ruined bodies of artworks, we are waiting for the flawlessness and the everlasting to come again. Though it could be never like it was in the golden age, to bear fruit in a clean and pure world. We have to believe in the quietude of noise, and only the wasteland contains the possibility of true vitality.